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Presteigne Tree Group
Contact: Kate van den Ende

34 King's Court
Presteigne LD8 2AJ

01544 267227

We have no formal membership but are a group of interested local residents and councillors who work together on tree and woodland related projects and events.

Presteigne Tree Group aims to :

Link the woodlands in and around Presteigne, by planting more native trees, providing a corridor for wildlife, promoting biodiversity and connecting with the National Forest of Wales which includes Presteigne Forest.

Identify, register and monitor significant trees and raise awareness of their importance, liaising with other organisations including the Woodland Trust and Radnorshire Wildlife Trust.

Educate children and adults about trees, the habitats they provide, the wildlife they support and their importance in addressing climate change, through work with schools, workshops, exhibitions and events.

Celebrate the beauty and value of trees and woodlands through art, craft, creative writing and literature.

The group was set up in early 2020 as an initiative linked to Presteigne and Norton Town Council’s Climate Action Group.

Past projects included

  • Tree Weekend with walks in local woodlands and workshops
  • tree planting
  • A sunny, Spring afternoon at the Warden, with tea and cakes and tree and habitat activities amongst the beautiful trees

Ongoing projects include

  • restoration of a previously sheep-grazed field (bought by Town Council with NHLF grant) to a mosaic of biodiverse habitats for the community
  • scrub clearance and tree planting on land behind industrial units to create a wildlife corridor
  • submission of TPO applications to PCC to safeguard local trees of outstanding value
  • involvement in Welsh Government's tree giveaway scheme, My Tree Our Forest

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