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Talk about climate change in your daily life

One of the most important things we can all do is talk about climate change in our daily lives. Climate conversations are important because they can play a huge role in creating social change, and the charity Talk Climate aim to show us how to have those conversations. You can download their guide here for free.They have other guides and videos covering other climate topics too.

Download the guide to climate conversations from Talk Climate - and have a go.

Reduce your footprint

We are finding more and more ways to inspire you to take action and reduce your impact. You will find suggestions for simple steps that don't take money to do, and possibly not much time either. Some of these actions will actually save you money. Other actions do need time or money, and not everyone will be able to to them. It is important to do what you can- what we can do is different for all of us.

Browse this site and find a quick and simple action you can do now. It's good to start.

Regularly use a footprint calculator to measure your impact

Some carbon calculators require a lot of data input to give you a precise figure, others just ask you questions you can answer off the top of your head, and give you an approximate figure. Skip over to our Carbon Calculator page to find out about them and choose one that is right for you.

Why not use a carbon calculator now, and come back in 6-months to see if you have been able to make a difference.

Find out the size of your carbon footprint - click here

Volunteer with a community group

Go to our community page and see if there is a green group in your area doing something you are intereseted in.

Browse the Community Action page for a group near you.

If there isn't one, perhaps there would be others interested in starting one. There is a lot of help to start many kinds of groups, for example a local Incredible Edible group or a Repair Cafe.

Start a local action group. Find the help you need. Ask other groups in the guide how.

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Follow & share our social media, share environment, news, inspiration and ideas

Speak Up! Make Your Voice Heard

An important part of environmental action is to let people in power know what you think and to hold them to account for their decisions. Write letters to let your Councillor and MP know what you think and how you feel. Signing petitions can help, and they take little time and no cost to take part in.

Let decision makers know the importance of making progress in cutting carbon emissions immediately.

Be on our Team

Be a Green Guide Connector for your community

Powys is a big place and we want to be relevant and up to date wherever you are in Powys. We need people in communities around the county to tell us about what is happening, and to spread the word about the Powys Green Guide in your community, to lift it off the page. More of a contact point than a big job!

If you are willing to be a Green Guide Connector in your community, mail contact@powysgreenguide.cymru

Become a topic specialist/curator

Use your knowledge and interest in a particular area to keep the Powys Green Guide as helpful and up to date as possible. Or write a blog post on your chosen topic

Volunteer as a topic curator

Write a blog on a topic of interest to you

Become part of the website team

Use your skills to upload information to the website and help to expand into new information. Source and size photographs and other media.

Volunteer to be part of the website team

Help us to raise funds

We are seeking ways to make the Powys Green Guide independent of funding for everyday running of the site. If you feel you would like to hold a fundraiser or donate, we welcome your support.

Be a Business Sponsor

Would your business like to become a Powys Green Guide business sponsor? If you would like to talk to us about this opportunity mail us at contact@powysgreenguide.cymru.



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