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The Green Claims Code

The Government recognised that there were misleading claims being made about products, and has now issued guidance in their Green Claims Code. The relevant guides are found here'.

Here is a short guide explaining it...

Six principles for businesses making green claims

The Guidance sets out six principles which reflect the requirements of existing consumer protection law in the context of environmental claims. Businesses are required to ensure their claims:

  • are truthful and accurate
  • are clear and unambiguous
  • do not omit or hide important information
  • compare goods or services in a fair and meaningful way
  • consider the full life cycle of the product or service
  • are substantiated

The Path to Net Zero: The Role of Business

This video is a discussion on the UK Climate Change Committee’s advice on the Sixth Carbon Budget, discussing how businesses can help deliver the UK’s national Net Zero ambition. It also discusses a supplementary report published alongside the Sixth Carbon Budget, which explores the barriers for UK businesses when it comes to supporting the drive to Net Zero.

Net Zero Week Open event

A free online week of webinars for businesses 1-7 July 2023

Net Zero Week forms a focal point generating awareness and much needed momentum for businesses just starting the journey to decarbonise and acts as a hub for those well on their way. 

Now in its third year, the UK’s national awareness week highlights our challenge and provides the best expert advice and information to help us all better understand the challenge and how to benefit from making changes. more information and how to join on this page powysgreenguide.cymru/share/36


Independent Assessment of UK Climate Risk 2021

UK Priorities for Further Adaption 2021-2023 Source: Independent Assessment of UK Climate Risk 2021, UK CCC

This is a report that the Government committed to a report on the UKs Climate Risk every five years. This is the third report and sets out the priority climate change risks and opportunities for the UK. Details information on this extensive work can be found here www.ukclimaterisk.org and download the report here

The report states that, "the gap between the level of risk we face and the level of adaptation underway has widened. Adaptation action has failed to keep pace with the worsening reality of climate risk.", but that, "The UK has the capacity and the resources to respond effectively to these risks, but it has not yet done so.

Acting now will be cheaper than waiting to deal with the consequences. Government must lead that action." They then identify eight risk areas that require the most urgent attention in the next two years, the 61 risks and opportunities, and recommends ten principles for good adaptation planning. These are intended to bring adaptation into mainstream consideration by Government and business.

More resources for Businesses to follow soon ...



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