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The Powys Green Guide is a resource for the community of Powys, and we warmly invite you to help us in our quest to make a difference. If you feel you have a skill you would like to share, or some time you could contribute to help keep the Powys Green Guide up to date, and the best it can be, please mail: contact@powysgreenguide.cymru

Roles and skills that would help support your green guide:

  • Be a local contact, as an important member of our team you will connect your community to the Powys Green Guide. As a local contact you will make local organisations aware of our site, maybe through a post in the local paper or community magazine, or just your networks. You will encourage groups to create a page, and to post their events in our What's On section.
  • Writing one or more articles for the blog.
  • Being an admin for our social media channels (facebook & whatsapp - single post to both)
  • Seeking out/writing posts for our media channels.
  • Curating a topic page.
  • Taking photos for the site.
  • Sharing great photos of Powys.
  • Helping us raise funds to run the site and to help it make a bigger difference.
  • Making short videos for the site on topics we are covering.
  • Helping members in the community make short videos.
  • Teach volunteers how to take good photos and understand sizing.
  • Contribute to the monthly newsletters.
  • Be a community 'experimenter' eg, try not using commercial shampoo for 3 months and write up your experiences for others to learn from.

... and what else would you like to see on the site or improved? Always feel free to contact us If you send an email, we'll mail you back: contact@powysgreenguide.cymru If you include a phone number, we'll phone.



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The Powys Green Guide has received funding from the Mid Wales Community Energy Trust to cover website support and maintenance in Montgomeryshire

This project is part-funded by the UK Government through the UK Community Renewal Fund
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