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We all need to radically reduce our carbon emissions to combat the effects of climate change. Reaching net zero will require many new measures, innovative solutions, aggressive government policies and plenty of human effort both at work and at home.

Net Zero Week™ is part of this much needed momentum. The UK's national awareness week is a not-for-profit social enterprise and offers all stakeholders a dedicated platform to voice opinions, share evidence, explore strategy and highlight solutions in our shared journey towards net zero; however that may unfold.

Net Zero Week forms a focal point generating awareness and much needed momentum for businesses just starting the journey to decarbonise and acts as a hub for those well on their way. Now in its third year, the UK’s national awareness week highlights our challenge and provides the best expert advice and information to help us all better understand the challenge and how to benefit from making changes.

Join multiple free-to-attend webinars during the week and gain exclusive insight from peers, innovators, policy experts, and other thought leaders.



Website http://www.netzeroweek.com

LinkedIn https://uk.linkedin.com/company/net-zero-week

Twitter https://twitter.com/netzeroweek


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This project is part-funded by the UK Government through the UK Community Renewal Fund
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