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Wild Living Camp



27 Jul 2023   5 days


Bwlch Corog, Glaspwll, Machynlleth


Pay it forward: £400 (this will help support people from lower incomes to join) Standard: £350 Concession: £300


Contact post@coetiranian.org


Coetir Anian

Event Description

Thursday 27th - Monday 31st July

Facilitated by Kara Moses and Michael Wachter

Join us around the campfire to learn skills for living and thriving in the wild with minimal impact and deep connection. Much more than survival skills, this is about remembering ancestral skills and ways of living together whilst treading lightly upon the Earth. Stepping out of the distractions and trappings of the modern world, we’ll form a temporary tribe and experience how ecological consciousness arises through relationship - as an emergent property between humans and the wider natural world.

We’ll uncover the secrets of the wild wood, learn to read the landscape and understand its stories through nature awareness techniques. We’ll make friends with fire, learning the ancient craft of creating fire with hands and friction. We’ll learn to how to find and process wild food and medicine, craft with our hands using foraged wild materials.

Around the campfire we’ll share stories and reflect on the human story and our place in it. We’ll share a transformational journey that supports a wider and deeper perspective of time, space and awareness.

This is a precious opportunity to reconnect deeply with the wild world and the wisdom and nourishment it has to offer.

Our Wild Living camps are made up of six key elements:

● Wild food: learn to identify, responsibly harvest, process and preserve the wild foods the land has to offer based on regenerative foraging and indigenous principles

● Wild medicine: learn to identify, responsibly harvest, process and preserve the wild medicines available to us from the plant world for healing everyday ailments.

● Craft: learn how to use foraged wild materials to make all sorts of useful and beautiful items such as spoons, bowls, baskets, string, rope, bags, and whatever else a need arises for in the camp!

● Skills: learn essential skills for being outdoors in connection and comfort, such as ancient ways of creating fire with hands and friction and natural tinder, finding water, stealth skills, how to read the landscape through identifying plants and tracks & signs of animals to interpreting bird language

● Deep nature connection: connect deeply with the world around us using sensory awareness, play and nature awareness techniques

● Community: live together in a temporary tribe, remembering ancestral ways of relating to each other and being in the world. Share stories and ideas around a flickering campfire, and remember what it is to be human.

Practical information:

  • Course starts Thursday 6pm (arrive anytime from 2pm to set up camp)
  • Course ends Monday 2pm
  • 16yrs+ welcome (under 18s must be accompanied by an adult)
  •  Compost toilets and simple camp showers are available on site
  •  All meals, refreshments and snacks provided
  •  Camping only, bring your own camping equipment

Prices and booking information:

Sliding scale based on income:

Pay it forward: £400 (this will help support people from lower incomes to join)

Standard: £350

Concession: £300


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