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What You Can Do

Get inspired by the many ways you can choose to take action and reduce carbon emissions. From fixing a dripping tap to having one or two meat-free days a week, there are hundreds of simple ways to take positive action that will reduce your carbon footprint, and we want to inspire you. We can wonder if one person taking action will really make a difference, but think what would happen if every person in Powys took action - that would make a difference! Powys is full of people and organisations who have decided to make a difference, you will not be on your own. Spread the word and share the things you change with others ... every journey starts with one step.

Pledge for the Planet with the WWF

Our impact on the planet primarily comes from what we eat, what we buy, how we power our homes, and how we travel from place to place - and of course, governmental policies and protections also play an important role. The WWF is asking people to Pledge for the Planet and to commit to taking actions that are the most impactful actions we can take as individuals. Pledge for the Planet asks you to commit to protect the planet by pledging to -

  • Reduce my carbon footprint by monitoring the electricity I use and switching to clean energy options where available.
  • Improve my daily commute to work or school by walking, riding my bike, carpooling, or using public transportation. This reduces fossil fuel use per person and helps us all become more energy efficient.
  • Reduce the food waste in my home from its current levels, and only purchase what I need—knowing that I'll also save money.
  • Buy products that help protect forests like those with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) label, or seafood that comes from sustainable fishing practices with certifications like the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) label. And, when possible, looking for products that use sustainable palm oil and have the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSP) label.
  • Sign petitions, send messages to my elected officials, call my representatives, and be a voice for the planet to help create and support policies that recognize and respect the importance of nature.

Make your Pledge for the Planet HERE.

Why use a Carbon Calculator?

A good first step is to have an idea of your personal carbon footprint - this is done with the help of a 'carbon calculator'. Measuring your footprint can be helpful to ...

  • give you an understanding of the size of your environmental impact and compare it to others.
  • give you an idea of how much adjustment it would be ideal to make.
  • give you ideas on what you can do and help you decide what is possible for you. All calculators give suggestions on how to take action. You may even want to set yourself a target footprint. A bit like Weightwatchers for the environment!
  • show you the relative size of emissions from different areas of your life. You can then focus your efforts on the areas that could make the biggest difference.

So, take the carbon quiz and see how you do ... then look through our sustainable living sections for further inspiration, and find some actions that suit you, your time and your purse - and make a difference!

A Choice of Carbon Calculators

Zero Giki

Zero Giki offers a 2 minute footprint assessment which gives you the approximate size of your footprint. It then gives you the option to refine your result if you want to, through a few more simple questions. Zero Giki then suggestes many small, achievable actions you can take to reduce your footprint, and even has a planner to help you to achieve them. Actions are rated on their ease and impact - you choose which you like to do.

Zero Giki Quick Carbon Calculator ... HERE


This is a more in-depth calculator that asks for details from your bills, but gives you a more precise footprint measurement. It allows you to save your calculation so that you can return each year to see your progress and celebrate your effort and achievement.

Cafs In-depth Carbon Calculator ... HERE

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