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Changing your current account from a bank that invests in fossil fuels and deforestation (did you know you were funding that?) to one that supports renewable energy and environmental schemes, can have a huge impact - and it costs nothing to change your bank, only a few minutes of your time.

Go to the banking section and see which are the banks supporting our shared future

How we spend our money, who we entrust it to, and what they do with it, can all have huge environmental impacts. It's not just our bank accounts, but also our pension funds, and where we put our savings.

Just as banks are making these huge impacts, WE can also make huge impacts by not giving our money to the people who fund companies who invest in oil fields, deforestation, displacement of people, and other activities that need to stop, including large paypackets for executives who direct these activities. We can make choices that don't cut down ancient and incredibly biodiverse forests, choices that suport and nurture regeneration, fairness and sustainable markets across the globe. We'll look at bank accounts, saving, borrowing, giving and money-free exchange.

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