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Sustainable Living Guide for Powys

This guide will help you to find out about how our lives affect the environment, and the ways you can take action to lower your impact. It’s for anyone who’s feeling overwhelmed about how to make a difference - and where to start. There are things we can all do, such as finding ways to throw away less food, or changing our bank to one that doesn't invest in fossil fuels and deforestation. There are also actions that fewer people can take, like installing solar panels. It's up to you to decide what you can do, we understand that we all have different lives and different resources, so what we can do is different for each person. It is easy to wonder if one person taking action will really make a difference, but think what would happen if every person in Powys took action - that would make a difference! Spread the word and share what you have done with others ...

Your Footprint on the Environment

If you have used a carbon footprint calculator, you may already have ideas about changes you can make, but if you’re not sure, you can find out everything you need to get started right here. It is not always easy to find 'greener' options in the usual shops, so businesses from across Powys (and beyond) who supply sustainable products are listed here - and the list is growing.

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Action on Greenwashing

What does 'Greenwashing' mean? We have an explanation here - 'Greenwashing' It is important to support businesses in Powys that are greening their goods and services, and the way they are operating, preparing to remain successful into the future. However, untrue or misleading claims are not acceptable. The Government has published a Green Claims Code for Shoppers to help shoppers to identify when 'green' claims or marketing may not be so green. The guidance has four points to consider...

  • Do not just trust slogans or vague terms
  • Look for evidence to support a claim
  • Look past appearances
  • Don't forget the disposal

If you feel a business listed here is not being clear about their environmental credentials, or might be Greenwashing, read this Government Guide on it's Green Claims Code understand what is not acceptable. If you feel a supplier on our site is not adhering to this code, please mail us, stating why you think they aren't, and we'll investigate: contact@powysgreenguide.cymru

The Green Claims Code for Sellers

When businesses list on our site, we ask them to read and agree to abide by the Government's 'Green Claims Code for Sellers',. If you find a business listed on this site is not adhering to this code, please contact us with why you consider they aren't, and we will investigate further. The Government states that when making a green claim, a business should be able to answer ‘yes’ or agree to each of the following statements:

  • The claim is accurate and clear for all to understand
  • There’s up-to-date, credible evidence to show that the green claim is true
  • The claim clearly tells the whole story of a product or service; or relates to one part of the product or service without misleading people about the other parts or the overall impact on the environment
  • The claim doesn’t contain partially correct or incorrect aspects or conditions that apply
  • Where general claims (eco-friendly, green or sustainable for example) are being made, the claim reflects the whole life cycle of the brand, product, business or service and is justified by the evidence If conditions (or caveats) apply to the claim, they’re clearly set out and can be understood by all
  • The claim won’t mislead customers or other suppliers
  • The claim doesn’t exaggerate its positive environmental impact, or contain anything untrue – whether clearly stated or implied
  • Durability or disposability information is clearly explained and labelled
  • The claim doesn’t miss out or hide information about the environmental impact that people need to make informed choices Information that really can’t fit into the claim can be easily accessed by customers in another way (QR code, website, etc.)
  • Features or benefits that are necessary standard features or legal requirements of that product or service type, aren’t claimed as environmental benefits
  • If a comparison is being used, the basis of it is fair and accurate, and is clear for all to understand



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