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Zero Carbon Llanidloes Llanidloes Di Garbon
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Zero Carbon Llanidloes - Llanidloes Di Garbon

Zero Carbon Llanidloes (ZCLl) was launched in 2020. Our main aim is to work with our community to reduce carbon emissions within Llanidloes and the surrounding area.

We are always looking for volunteers so if you see something you would like to be involved with please do drop us an email or call!

We have six main projects at present:

  • Llani Futures / Dyfodol Llani Project - This project aims to reduce the use of fossil fuels, increase the use of renewables, create a local energy club to enable trading of renewables on more favourable terms, and support renewables installation on domestic and non-domestic sites. The project is currently being funded by the Welsh Government Energy Service and it has engaged a project manager, Fernando Jarabo, who can be contacted at llanidloesfuturesfj@gmail.com. The project also has a weekly pop-up office at the Hanging Gardens in Llanidloes every Wednesday 10am-2pm and is open to chats and discussions about individual or community projects.
  • Prosiect Gwneud Gwair Cymreig/ Making Welsh hay Project - Encouraging and supporting landowners in the creation and restoration of hay meadows. This project aims to increase biodiversity, provides learning opportunities, community engagement, and sites are annually surveyed to assess species present. The first bilingual species identification charts are being developed through this project. In partnership with The Wilderness Trust a Kite and Meadows Festival was held in 2022.
  • "Don't Bin It, Fix It!" Repair Events - These events are hosted by skilled volunteers who will do their best to help repair items to help save you money, reduce waste going to landfill, and save our earth's limited resources. Keep an eye on this site and local community Facebook pages to see the dates of upcoming events. These events rely entirely on the kindness of volunteers and your donations, so please do give what you can to keep them going.
  • Llanidloes Library of Things - This is a project which reduces waste, recycles tools and equipment within the community and enables those who cannot afford to buy, to still have access to tools and equipment when they need them. Become a member here https://llani.benthyg.cymru/ then hire what you need at very reasonable rates. All electrical items are PAT tested.
  • Improving Local Public Transport Services - The Welsh government wants to improve public transport services in Wales. Good public transport would not only reduce car dependency and vehicle emissions, but greatly improve the quality of life for the community. ZCLl is asking Powys County Council to improve public services, such as the provision of fflecsibuses, in Llanidloes and the surrounding villages to increase connectivity and access to train services.
  • Compost Cymraeg/ Welsh Wool Compost - Zero Carbon Llanidloes are looking at the feasibility of producing a peat-free, wool-based compost or fertilizer locally and sustainably. This could provide an outlet for low quality fleeces and reduce waste wool, potentially create jobs and contribute to a circular economy.

In addition ZCLl are involved with smaller projects to improve the biodiversity of public green spaces, providing educational opportunities, engagement with the outdoors and reducing the use of herbicides.

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