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River Pollution Incidents

If you spot a pollution incident in a river, or illegal activity or anything else, report it immediately to the Natural Resources Wales hotline, which is open 24 hours a day: 0300 065 3000

The End Sewage Campaign

The #EndSewagePollution Coalition comprises of a number of environmental NGOs, and they are pushing for a change to stop the practice of discharging raw sewage directly into waterways. They have a campaign asking MPs to speak up in parliament to #EndSewagePollution.

Generate a letter to your local MP highlighting the scale of sewage pollution in your area and the overall health of local waterways - just enter your postcode.

Major Rivers in Powys

Pumlumon is the highest point in Mid Wales and has a number of rivers that start there, including the longest river in Britain, the River Severn, what was known as the most beautiful river - the river Wye, and the river Rheidol. The river Ystwyth, which flows to Aberystwyth, has it's source in a number of streams that flow from Pumlumon before joining with the river Rheidol.

The River Wye is one of the most important rivers in the UK for nature conservation. It is an important migration route and wildlife corridor, as well as a key breeding area, but it is suffering from severe pollution and the effects of climate change. Many factors are involved, and these include intensive agriculture, the discharge of human sewage, industrial spillage and the increased frequency of severe flooding events.

Join the rivers campaign at www.fouw.org.uk

In their latest assessment, Natural Resources Wales found that more than 60% of the Welsh sections of the Wye Special Area of Conservation failed phosphate limits, stating that:

“Phosphorus pollution is known to cause the process of eutrophication in rivers, a highly problematic issue that causes excessive growth of algae, which smothers and blocks out light for other aquatic plants and animals.”

This pollution damages irreplaceable ecosystems and kills the river from the bottom up. More information on river pollution through agriculture and untreated human sewage can be found at The Rivers Trust and Powysinfo.

River Health Statistics Source: The Rivers Trust https://theriverstrust.org

Help The Radnorshire Wildlife Trust keep the rivers crisis in the spotlight by telling them how you feel about the situation. Have your say and be heard. The Trust will use these comments to strengthen their campaign.

Citizen's Science in Action

Friends of the Upper Wye are running a citizen's science project to find out and monitor where nutrients, particularly phosphates, enter watercourses, so pollution hotspots can be identified. Natural Resources Wales found that more than 60% of the Welsh sections of the Wye Special Area of Conservation failed phosphate limits. The environment agencies only monitor a few locations a handful of times a year. Citizen scientists provide regular testing at many locations.

TAKE ACTION: Volunteer to be a citizen scientist and help collect data on water quality. The Friends of the Upper Wye provide training and equipment. Click here to find out more

TAKE ACTION: Tell Welsh Water you are not happy that raw sewage is discharged into rivers, particularly into the Wye. www.dwrcymru.co.uk

Twmpath tree, Erwood with the River Wye Source: Laura Shewring

Make Art for the Wye - be part of 'Lift the River'

Lift the River is a creative response to the crisis facing the Wye. All contributions of images, observations, memories, stories and works of art about the river Wye are welcome, and are being added to the online exhibition.

TAKE ACTION: Contribute to the LiftTheRiver collection, and help to engage new audiences.

The River Severn and its Tributaries

The Severn Rivers Trust's motto is 'working for a healthy, resilient river Severn for everyone', and works along the whole of the river in both Wales and England. They run river clean days, children's activities in the holidays, and river monitoring projects - see here. They also run a number of projects, as well work with landowners and farmers, run the Severn Conservation Taskforce, Citizen Science projects, and a variety of activities at sites where they are working to restore the river - see their 'support us' page.

Love Your River, Love Your Lake

Love your river, love your lake – spend time by them. Knowing our rivers and lakes will make us better guardians of them.


Community Groups

Biodiversity Information Service for Powys and Brecon Brecons National Park Brecon
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Transition Presteigne
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Presteigne Tree Group Presteigne
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Llangattock Community Woodlands Llangattock
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Vibrant Vyrnwy Llanwddyn
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Radnorshire Wildlife Trust Llandrindod Wells
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Radnorshire Wildlife Trust Powys
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Machynlleth Biodiversity Group Machynlleth
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Businesses and Suppliers

Dolydd Gobaith - discover more

Wilder Pentwyn Produce Pentwyn
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